From the recording Bored Lonely Housewives


Bored lonely housewife’s with time on their hands
Drink coffee and tea with their friends
They talk about children and washing machines
And how much more money they’ll spend
Competing for who has the biggest back yard
Complaining their husbands been working too hard
And their bored with their lot
Don’t appreciate what they’ve got
And they all want something fresh and something new
Julia thought that she’d do something good
Helping out with the town fare
It was they that she met a persuasive young man
And the future was told in a stare
The chemistry fitting, she couldn’t resist
His strongest advances the taste of his kiss
And she bored with her lot
Don’t appreciate what she’s got
And she longs for something fresh and something new
She’s been tempted in a flash,
Not like her to be rash
but she wanted something fresh and something new
And days when were bored we need something to fill our time
The everyday mundane can feel like a chore
The grass is not always greener on the other side
It’s true to be careful of what you wish for
Her husband found out about the affair
In a rage he walked out slammed the door
A few weeks had passed and the papers were served
And Julia fell to the floor
Blown out of proportion, it’s only a kiss
Divorce was not written on her shopping list
Now she’s lost what she had,
What she had weren’t so bad
But she wanted something fresh and something new
She’s been tempted, by a chance
It all happened in a glance
And she wanted something fresh and something new
but now she all alone with something new