1. What If

From the recording What If


What if I changed my mind to take the busThe Thursday I was in a rush, Would it be so different now?What if I never saw the advert In the disregarded paper, on the train at Manor HouseWhat if I never sent the letterThought that I’d do something better,Never left my comfort zone What if I never got the interviewDecided that I’d start a new Never got that job in HolbornWhat if I made a leftWhat if I made a rightWhat if I looked your wayWhat if I passed you by What if the time was rightAnd it was penned in the starsWhat if the earth met MarsWhat if I never made the partyThe Friday that I met you Through a friend I knew from work What if I never made the phone callArranged another meeting, would we ever have been hookedWhat if we never went out on a dateWhat if I had turned up lateWhere would we be now What if I never bought that diamond ring?Never bent down on my knee?Never made all those promises